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number In the past 6 months how many short term goals have you set and accomplished?
number In the past three years how many long term goals have you either maintained progress on or achieved?
number On average, how many hours a week do you work?
number How do you currently manage your workload?
number Are you able to spend quality time with the people you care about?
number What is your general perception of meetings?
number How honest are you with yourself?
number Can you name your weaknesses and strengths?
number What level of communication occurs within your team or people closest to you?
number Do you let team/family members know when you are proud of them?
number Do you practice positive habits such as daily self-talk?
number Are you passionate about what you do?
number In the last three years how many times have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?
number In the last six months how many calculated risks have you taken?
number Do you actively dream about where you could or want to be in life?
number Would a group of qualified peers say that you are a positive person?
number How often do you spend time helping others?
number Do you surround yourself with positive successful people that share common beliefs?
number Which statement best describes you?
number In the past when encountering people that were negative, I
number What is your overall cash flow for the next 90 days?
number I have separate accounts for business.
number I strategize a financial plan for my business.