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Day 46: Confidence

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Commitment to continuity builds confidence. Little by little, success by success, your confidence grows. Don’t dwell on what you can’t do, build on what you do well. Be assertive and do what you do well day after day.

Each success then builds your self-esteem and you become even more confident.

Guard against over-confidence; over-confidence can lead to arrogance, which is not a good trait.

Make it happen, a little every day.

Action Steps

Spend a minute typing out the action steps you want to take from this lesson. Email them to yourself and work on them today.






What People are saying...

Brian Davis

Brian Davis
"A little cash flow glow can always up ones' attitude as well!"

Hugh Turner Ii

Hugh Turner Ii
"Thanks for these ideas. What an amazing cycle this creates. One step at a time Commitment to continuity is the goal going forward."